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Harvest Division

The Harvest Monitoring Program collects and provides harvest data and coordinates with tribal, state and federal entities throughout the Columbia Basin on issues affecting tribal harvest. Harvest Information will be useful in the multi-agency coordination on run forecasting, inseason harvest management and reporting, and for the formulation of pre-season and in-season fishing regulations by the Tribe.

Accurate harvest monitoring is essential to protect the Tribe's treaty rights from infringement from all sources, including efforts by the United States to apply Endangered Species restrictions to our treaty fisheries.

Harvest monitoring activities are enormous in scope, encompassing fishing activities conducted year-round from the mainstem Columbia River (Zone 6) up to the headwaters of the Clearwater River on the Montana/Idaho border. Within this area, the Tribe has the reserved right to access fully 50% of the fish available for harvest. The Tribe is responsible for developing the plans necessary to insure that proposed harvest is biologically and legally sound and that it occurs (i.e., take numbers, locations, dates and gear types) in the manner designed.

Harvest Division Lead Staff

joeo@nezperce.orgJoe OatmanDeputy Program Mgr/
Harvest Director
02(208) 843-7320
agould@nezperce.orgAaron GouldFisheries Technician IV13(208) 843-7320
mikew@nezperce.orgMike WilsonFisheries Technician II15(208) 843-7320
manuelv@nezperce.orgManuel VillalobosFisheries Technician II15(208) 843-7320
lorie@nezperce.orgLori EnickFisheries Technician I16(208) 843-7320
jacky@nezperce.orgJack YearoutProject Leader06(208) 843-7320

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