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Northeast Oregon Hatchery Spring Chinook

Final design planning is ongoing for the vital Northeast Oregon hatchery facilities. In March of 2011, this Salmon recovery project completed construction of a state-of-the- art panel weir, adult trap, and statistical information collection station. Located on the Lostine River, near the town of Lostine Oregon, additional program goals include the future construction and operation of the tribe’s Lostine River Salmon Hatchery.

The proposed hatchery serves as an important foothold that would continue supplementation efforts and facilitate future recovery of the ESA listed Lostine River spring Chinook.

We anticipate the comprehensive hatchery design planning will result in a facility that utilizes modern eco-friendly equipment and features a more natural low density rearing environment. Along with design development, permit continuance endeavors are expected to continue through 2013 with ground breaking highly probable in 2014. As with most ESA listed fish production implementation, more than a decade of arrangement has gone into bringing this large scale project to a construction phase. The endeavor will realize a worthwhile 25-50 year Salmon recovery venture.

Funding for planning, construction, facility operation and evaluation monitoring is provided by Bonneville Power Administration. It serves as mitigation to compensate for impacts to fish from the Columbia River hydroelectric system.

Recovering this essential Salmon population provides multiple tribal harvest opportunities on the Grande Ronde River and its tributaries as well as Zone 6 of the Columbia River. Ultimately, our enduring goal is to maintain high numbers of returning adult Chinook to the Lostine River and provide consistent tribal harvest seasons for these remarkable fish.

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