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Johnson Creek Artificial Propagation Enhancement(JCAPE)

Project Overview:

The Johnson Creek Artificial Propagation and Enhancement (JCAPE) project is a small-scale supplementation (production) project that is designed to increase survival of summer Chinook salmon spawning population in Johnson Creek.  The JCAPE project produces up to 110,000 Chinook salmon smolts annually for direct release into Johnson Creek.  The JCAPE project conducts program activities at several locations (click to view Map).  This include adult trapping on Johnson Creek, smolt releases into Johnson Creek, adult brood stock holding and spawning at the SF Salmon River adult salmon trap, and egg incubation and juvenile fish rearing at the McCall Fish Hatchery.

Past Production Achievements:

The JCAPE project began collecting brood stock in 1998.  Brood stock has been collected every year since, except in 1999.  On average the project has released 90,830 smolts annually into Johnson Creek (release numbers have ranged from 57,392 to 120,415).  The first supplementation adults returned in 2001.  Supplementation adult returns have averaged 265 fish per year (return numbers have ranged from 63 to 511 annually, Figure 1).

Current Production Status:

Activities planned for 2013 include; smolt releases into Johnson Creek from the 2011 brood year in April of 2013; rearing juvenile salmon from the 2012 brood year at the McCall Fish Hatchery.  These fish will be marked with CWT tags in July.  In late June 2013, installation and operation of a temporary adult Chinook salmon weir and trap will continue with the collection of brood stock for use in the Johnson Creek Project.  In addition to the fish production, the JCAPE project will be updating the project’s Annual Operating Plan for submittal to NOAA Fisheries prior to adult salmon trapping season, completing the Brood Year 2011 Report, the 2012 Adult Trapping Report, and completing ESA Section 10 Permit renewal process that will cover activities beyond 2013.  This permitting process is being conducted through the Hatchery Genetic and Management Plan (HGMP) documents being prepared for the Snake and Salmon River Basins.

Related Project:

The JCAPE O&M project has a companion Research project. This project is the JCAPE Artificial Propagation Enhancement Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) project. Additional information on this project can be found on this website under the Research Tab.

Project Staff

johng@nezperce.orgJohn GebhardsProfessional III/
Production Supv II
06(208) 621-3305x3305
robh@nezperce.orgRobert HillProfessional II/
Production Supv I
11(208) 634-5290

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