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Joseph Creek Steelhead Abundance Monitoring Project

The Joseph Creek steelhead abundance monitoring project is located in the Grande Ronde River subbasin.   This project was initiated in 2011 and seeks to collect adult natural origin steelhead escapement data, determine hatchery:natural fish composition, age structure and life history characteristics, to validate and correlate redd count data with actual escapement information, and validate the PIT tag array escapement estimate in lower Joseph Creek.  A resistance board weir (floating weir) will be used to sample migrating steelhead through use of upstream and downstream traps (see photos).

Project Staff

johnr@nezperce.orgJohn RobbinsBiologist II12 (208) 621-3307x3307
skylerw@nezperce.orgSkyler WhiteTempleFisheries Technician III14(208) 621-3553
clarkw@nezperce.orgClark WatryProject Leader06 (208) 621-3549
dbrown@nezperce.orgDale BrownFisheries Technician III14(208) 621-3316x3316

Project Photos


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