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NE Oregon Hatchery Monitoring and Evaluation Project

The Northeastern Oregon Hatchery (NEOH) Monitoring and Evaluation project is the research component of the Northeast Oregon Hatchery Program. Current planning efforts are funded under the BPA project entitled Grande Ronde Spring Chinook Step 2 Support.


The Nez Perce Tribe insists on coupling their supplementation efforts with appropriate monitoring and evaluation. The NEOH Monitoring and Evaluation Plan provides a framework for co-managers to evaluate the management goals and objectives of the Northeast Oregon Hatchery program. The plan is intended to guide evaluation of the NEOH production program, provide empirical evidence on supplementation effects, and fill knowledge gaps regarding uncertainty of supplementation as a population enhancement tool. Program success will be gauged primarily by changes in abundance, productivity, diversity, and distribution in supplemented streams as compared to reference streams; the performance of hatchery fish and their natural counterparts; impacts to non-target populations; and the restoration of tribal and recreational fisheries.

Project Staff

shanev@nezperce.orgShane VatlandProject Leader06(541) 432-2508x3778
amaxwell@nezperce.orgAaron MaxwellBiologist II11(208) 621-3774x3774

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