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Lolo Creek Watershed

The Lolo Creek Watershed Restoration project (1996-077-02) has been an on-going project of the Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Watershed Program and BPA since 1996. The ultimate goal of the project is to restore the physical and biological characteristics of the watershed to provide quality habitat for anadromous and resident fish species that support the historical, cultural, and economic practices of the Nez Perce Tribe. The Lolo Creek watershed contains proposed critical habitat for listed species Steelhead trout, potential critical habitat for Bull Trout, and has moderate habitat potential for Spring Chinook Salmon.

Restoration in this watershed focuses on restoring riparian processes by addressing increased water temperatures, increased sedimentation, cattle grazing affects, fish passage barriers, and noxious weed infestations. Fish passage and habitat connectivity actions are prioritized primarily at road/stream crossings on both private and federal land, and native riparian revegetation and continuous riparian protection are also high priority actions. Completed contract work includes culvert prioritization and assessment, installation of an off-site watering device, 28 culvert replacements, 11 culvert removals, 1600 ft. of stream bank stabilization, 101 miles of road decommissioning, 16 miles of fence installation, over 22,000 native riparian trees and shrubs planted, and continued monitoring and evaluation.

Project Staff

edwardm@nezperce.orgEd MainWatershed Restoration
Specialist II
11(208) 621-3539
justinp@nezperce.orgJustin PetersonProject Leader06(208) 621-3545
elizabethe@nezperce.orgElizabeth EastmanWatershed Restoration Specialist I12(208) 621-3558

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