Nez Perce Tribe

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Slate Creek Watershed

The NPT DFRM Watershed Division and the Nez Perce National Forest have been working cooperatively in the area of watershed restoration since 1997.  In this new project and contract the NPT and NPNF will work collaboratively to complete an FY 2007 stream crossing assessment and prioritization in the Slate Creek Watershed.

Fish passage and habitat connectivity have been identified as one of the prime limiting factors within the Salmon River Subbasin (Salmon Subbasin Management Plan, Ecovista 2004b).  This contract will enhance habitat connectivity and fish passage by completing the following tasks:

  1. Survey stream crossings in Little Slate Sub-watershed. 
  2. Produce a document to report findings from the Little Slate Stream Crossings survey and prioritize culverts/stream crossings for upgrade/removal.
  3. The highest priority culvert identified in the Little Slate stream crossings summary and prioritization document will be replaced to reestablish habitat connectivity. 

Project Staff

stephanieb@nezperce.orgStephanie BransfordProject Leader06(208) 983-0675

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