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Northeast Oregon

Wallowa County is located in the northeast corner of the State of Oregon.  It contains over 3,153 square miles (2.02 million acres) of territory (Wallowa County-Nez Perce Salmon Recovery Plan, 1999) (WC-NPTSHRP).  This represents approximately 15.2% of the original “exclusive use and occupancy” territory of the Nez Perce Tribe.  Hells Canyon bounds the east side; the Grande Ronde River, most of which is outside the county, fringes the west border.  Washington State is the northern boundary, while the southern boundary runs through the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  There are two major drainages in the County; the Grande Ronde which passes through the northwest corner of the County and the Imnaha which enters the Snake River on the east side of the county (WC-NPTSHRP, 1999).  Major tributaries of the Grande Ronde River include:  the Wallowa River (including Prairie Creek, Hurricane Creek, the Lostine River, Bear Creek, and the Minam River), the Wenaha River, and Joseph Creek.  The major tributaries of the Imnaha River are Big Sheep, Horse, Lightning and Cow Creeks.

Project Staff

montanap@nezperce.orgMontana PaganoWatershed Restoration Specialist I12(541) 432-2507
emmitt@nezperce.orgEmmit Taylor Jr.Watershed Division
03(208) 621-3544
heidim@nezperce.orgHeidi McRobertsDeputy Director for
Watershed Administration
04(208) 621-3548
mitchd@nezperce.orgMitch DanielProject Leader06(208) 621-3776
kathrynf@nezperce.orgKathryn FrenyeaProject Leader06(208) 621-3776

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