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Lochsa River Watershed

This project was developed as a result of the floods that happened in 1996-97. As a result of the floods, numerous roads suffered severe mass wasting events. A significant portion of these events occurred at stream crossings. At that time it was thought that roads that were already "overgrown" were stable. However, with the huge rain-on-snow event that occurred that year, it was painfully obvious that these roads were not stable.

The Clearwater National Forest and Nez Perce Tribe began discussions about how to restore the areas that had been most heavily impacted. Thus, for the last decade the Aquatic Restoration Partnership between these two entities has focused on road decommissioning and aquatic organism passage.

In the last few years this partnership has expanded to start addressing other limiting factors within the Lochsa Watershed. Sediment is still one of the primary concerns in most project areas streams. Therefore, the partnership has added road drainage improvements as a common project type. In addition noxious weed treatment and tree planting have also been incorporated into the project.

Project Staff

curtisj@nezperce.orgCurtis JohnsonWatershed Restoration
Specialist II
11(208) 942-0318
dforestieri@nezperce.orgDavid ForestieriProject Leader06(208) 942-0318
shawnk@nezperce.orgShawn KaschmitterWatershed Restoration Specialist I12(208) 621-4728

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